How to Safely Handle Driving in Sleet

Sleet Texas Motorcars

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The same sparkling winter vistas that look so charming through your living room window can be life-threatening when you’re on the road. Many of the greatest hazards when it comes to winter driving are difficult to detect and even harder to correct for. The key to winter safety is always vigilance. Familiarize yourself with the unique challenges of sleet on the roads and drive with caution any time you suspect ice.

Understand What Sleet Is

Sleet is similar to freezing rain, with one key difference. (more…)

5 Tips for Painting Your Own Vehicle

paint job viper

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Whether you just need to touch up a section, or if you want to completely change the color of your vehicle, painting your own vehicle is a cost-effective way to carry out these goals. While it may be a challenge, painting your own car can also be very rewarding using these five tips.


Depending on the size of your car, you will need about one gallon of your primer, three gallons of the paint, and two or (more…)

How to Finally Eliminate Those Blind Spots

Sideview Mirror Texas Motorcars

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Many accidents could be easily avoided if people remembered to check their blind spot while driving. Then again, eliminating your blind spots altogether is an even better way to fend off accidents. Simple adjustments to your mirrors can impact your safety in a big way.

Adjust Your Rearview Mirror

Your rearview mirror should be completely straight and give you a direct view out of your rear windshield. Some people are tempted to tilt the rearview mirror to (more…)

6 Smells That Could Mean Disaster for your Car

Car repair smells

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Understanding these simple and effortless ways to diagnosing your vehicle is the first step to learning how to work on your own car. Not needing to disassemble an engine bay to discover a problem well save plenty of time so you can get back to watching Wheel of Fortune. Speaking of, this technique will also let you know when a repair technician is too high on his estimate which could save you hundreds of dollars. I understand due to time constraints, space, and dexterity, not everyone is cut out to be a grease monkey, but not understanding simple symptoms of vehicle degradation can put you in a lot of trouble. So keep these 6 smells in mind next time you smell something funky coming from your car before you head out on a 5 hour road trip.

4 Helpful Driving Tips for Your Next Road Trip Through Texas

High Performance Mechanic

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Planning a Texas road trip? If so, it’s helping to consider the Texas driving experience before setting out. Driving through Texas can be a bit different than driving through other states for a variety of reasons: it’s a huge place, of course, and it can be rather hot and fairly desolate, depending on your route. So before you hit road, it’s worth your while to hit the books, so to speak, and absorb some of these tips for Texas driving.

A High-Performance Machine

Before a long Texas drive, baby your vehicle like a newborn. Check the for the most common problems that might leave you stranded beside the highway, or with your (more…)

4 High-Tech Car Accessories Perfect for the Tech Junkie in Your Life

Image via Flickr by fred ross lord

Image via Flickr by fred ross lord

The tech junkie in your life probably thinks he or she has everything worth owning. If you need to buy a gift, surprise that person with one of these high-tech car accessories.


If the tech junkie in your life is also a bit of a “gear-head” who installs performance parts in his or her vehicle, then a GoPro offers the perfect way for that person to capture top speeds and long drives. A dashboard cam can also deter thieves and protect pricey accessories in the car.

The latest version of the GoPro costs about $400, but you can buy older versions that cost less than $150. You will also need a suction cup mount that holds the camera in (more…)

5 Questions to Ask the Dealer Before You Lease a Car in Dallas

Money In A Jar

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In Dallas, Texas, your vehicle is many things to you. It provides transportation for work, it’s a way for your family to travel all over the state, or it allows you to haul equipment and other heavy things. When you’re not sure you can commit to buying a car, leasing is a good option. But make sure you know what to ask the dealer before you sign a lease.

What’s the Residual Value?

With a low residual value, you’ll be paying more in monthly payments for your lease, so you want a car that doesn’t wear out fast. But you also don’t want the residual value to be higher than the car is really worth. Otherwise, you might have a harder time buying the car after your lease is up or transferring the (more…)

3 Car Transformations You Won’t Believe

Tesla Model S

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Creativity and automobiles go hand in hand. From handmade replicas of iconic pop culture vehicles and one-of-a-kind custom builds to entrepreneurial ventures and innovative alternative fuel concepts, you can find some incredible craftsmanship and engineering feats around the world.

Rusty Mercedes-Benz Given a New Life via Foam

A man converted an old, rusty Mercedes-Benz CLK into a custom designed luxury car using a lot of expanding foam and cardboard templates. He added 30-inch wheels to the car, reworking the fenders to handle these large wheels, and incorporated other necessary car parts to create a strong and stable structure. Then, he poured on layers on top of layers of expanding foam using cardboard templates as his guides to add bulk to the body.

Once the foam had hardened, he went to work on carving the car’s new (more…)

5 Nearby Attractions to Drive to When You Get Bored in Addison, TX

Cavanaugh Flight Museum

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Addison, Texas is a tiny suburb just north of Dallas, and over 13,000 residents call it home. It seems small, but during the day, there are as many as 100,000 people in the city due to company headquarters like Mary Kay Cosmetics and Bank of America. Even with many restaurants, residents want other places to visit in and around Addison. Here are five nearby attractions that Addison residents can enjoy.

International Scuba

A seven-minute drive from Addison, International Scuba is a fun place to visit and learn a new skill. Classes are held year-round, and it offers students the chance to become (more…)

Do You Have Road Rage? 6 Tips to Help You Stay Calm While Driving

Stay Calm in Road Rage Moments

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You drive to get to your destination quicker. Unfortunately, so do other people, and they do things to aggravate you. Most people brush it off, but there are some who get upset and take it out on the other driver. If you are always getting angry while driving, you have road rage, so take these six tips to help calm you down.

1. Take Deep Breaths

When you get angry, your breathing becomes rapid and labored. You aren’t able to think rationally, and you can react by cutting off the other driver, or worse. As soon as you feel your blood start (more…)