5 Questions to Ask the Dealer Before You Lease a Car in Dallas

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In Dallas, Texas, your vehicle is many things to you. It provides transportation for work, it’s a way for your family to travel all over the state, or it allows you to haul equipment and other heavy things. When you’re not sure you can commit to buying a car, leasing is a good option. But make sure you know what to ask the dealer before you sign a lease.

What’s the Residual Value?

With a low residual value, you’ll be paying more in monthly payments for your lease, so you want a car that doesn’t wear out fast. But you also don’t want the residual value to be higher than the car is really worth. Otherwise, you might have a harder time buying the car after your lease is up or transferring the (more…)

3 Car Transformations You Won’t Believe

Tesla Model S

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Creativity and automobiles go hand in hand. From handmade replicas of iconic pop culture vehicles and one-of-a-kind custom builds to entrepreneurial ventures and innovative alternative fuel concepts, you can find some incredible craftsmanship and engineering feats around the world.

Rusty Mercedes-Benz Given a New Life via Foam

A man converted an old, rusty Mercedes-Benz CLK into a custom designed luxury car using a lot of expanding foam and cardboard templates. He added 30-inch wheels to the car, reworking the fenders to handle these large wheels, and incorporated other necessary car parts to create a strong and stable structure. Then, he poured on layers on top of layers of expanding foam using cardboard templates as his guides to add bulk to the body.

Once the foam had hardened, he went to work on carving the car’s new (more…)

5 Nearby Attractions to Drive to When You Get Bored in Addison, TX

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Addison, Texas is a tiny suburb just north of Dallas, and over 13,000 residents call it home. It seems small, but during the day, there are as many as 100,000 people in the city due to company headquarters like Mary Kay Cosmetics and Bank of America. Even with many restaurants, residents want other places to visit in and around Addison. Here are five nearby attractions that Addison residents can enjoy.

International Scuba

A seven-minute drive from Addison, International Scuba is a fun place to visit and learn a new skill. Classes are held year-round, and it offers students the chance to become (more…)

Do You Have Road Rage? 6 Tips to Help You Stay Calm While Driving

Stay Calm in Road Rage Moments

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You drive to get to your destination quicker. Unfortunately, so do other people, and they do things to aggravate you. Most people brush it off, but there are some who get upset and take it out on the other driver. If you are always getting angry while driving, you have road rage, so take these six tips to help calm you down.

1. Take Deep Breaths

When you get angry, your breathing becomes rapid and labored. You aren’t able to think rationally, and you can react by cutting off the other driver, or worse. As soon as you feel your blood start (more…)

How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car in Dallas

Ferrari Parked in the Shade

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It’s summertime in Dallas, and you want to take your car out for a spin, despite the raging heat. You may think it’s safe to drive in the sun, but you should follow these simple rules to save your car from sun damage.

Park in the Shade

Your car probably looks really awesome with the Dallas sun glinting off of it, but that beautiful sun is dangerous and damaging to your car. The first step to preventing sun damage is removing your car from the sun as often as possible. Find a shady parking spot, park in a garage or carport, or cover your car with a car cover. This will protect it from harmful UV radiation and help prevent a build-up of heat inside. Even when (more…)

5 Common Road Surface Markings and What They Mean

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Have you ever been driving along, seen a symbol or marking on the road, and thought, “What does that mean?” Road markings are a kind of graphical language, communicating a wealth of important information designed to protect public safety. Here are some of the most common road markings and how to interpret them.

Solid/Dashed, White/Yellow Lines

These lines are so ubiquitous, you may assume you know what they mean, but they’re more nuanced than you may realize. In general, yellow lines control (more…)

5 Dallas Districts Worth Driving To

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Contemplating exploring Dallas, Texas? This thriving metropolis is the ninth most populated city in the United States, with plenty of activities for visitors and residents alike. Which areas of Dallas are worth your time when you’re in the city? Check out the following five entertainment districts worth driving to during your time in Dallas.

1. Arts District

When you think of Dallas, art may not enter your mind. But the city is full of creative expressions. Drive to the Arts District; its 19 blocks and 68 acres of artsy entertainment is the largest contiguous urban arts district in the United States. You can find stunning architecture, concert venues, and museums. Catch a show at the AT&T Performing Arts Center or (more…)

Unleaded, Diesel, and Ethanol: Which One You Should Be Using and Why

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The conscientious driver has a few fuel options from which to choose. Each has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the driver’s priorities and what type of vehicle he or she drives. Here are some facts about each type of fuel and recommendations for different drivers.


Unleaded gasoline, also known as gas or petrol, is the most common fuel used throughout the world. Prices for gas vary wildly depending on location and change dramatically over time based on a multitude of factors. Currently, buying gas in the U.S. will cost an average of $2.83 a gallon, but if you live in California you can expect to pay about 30 cents (more…)

Plan a Day Trip: 6 Family-Friendly Activities You Can Drive to in Dallas

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The urban and cultural mecca of Dallas is full of sights and attractions. If you’ve got a car and are traveling with family, Dallas has a number of great spots worth visiting. There’s something for everyone, whether your family is full of nature aficionados, science experts, or thrill-seekers.

Six Flags Over Texas

Located about a 15-minute drive from Dallas, Six Flags Over Texas was the original Six Flags park built in the U.S. Featuring thrill rides, shows, events, and other attractions, Six Flags provides entertainment suitable for the whole family. Teens and adults will love going on the roller coasters, while kids will love the long list of (more…)

6 Surprising Benefits of Your Car’s Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology has come a long way. Originally used as a way of making a smartphone hands-free, Bluetooth technology has become so popular it is included as a standard in most devices, including your car. But, if you only use Bluetooth to make talking on the phone while you drive easier and safer, you are missing out on some of the biggest benefits of having Bluetooth.

Here are six surprising benefits of Bluetooth technology in cars you may not be aware of:

Audio Streaming

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One of the best features of having Bluetooth technology in your car is the ability to stream audio. Just download your favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks on to your phone and hit the road. You can use Bluetooth to listen while you drive. Just imagine (more…)