5 Tips for Switching From a Car to a Truck

Image via Flickr by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association

There are many advantages to switching from a car to a truck. If you’re used to driving a car, however, you may need some tips to help you. Driving a truck is not like driving a standard car or even an SUV, so it can take time to feel comfortable.

Be Aware of the Truck’s Weight

When you begin driving a truck, it’s important to keep the vehicle’s weight in mind. A truck is much heavier and larger than a car, so you’ll need to be aware of that when it comes to things like braking. Allow plenty of time for your truck to stop, since the weight of the truck means it’ll take longer to brake than with a smaller vehicle. Be sure to also leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you to accommodate for that additional time needed for braking.

Size Matters

When driving and parking, it’s important to be aware of the truck’s size for your own and others’ safety. Keep adequate space between you and other vehicles on the road at all times. Make sure you allow plenty of space for the truck when parking, and avoid getting too close to other parked vehicles.

Give Yourself Time to Practice

Just like it takes plenty of practice to learn to drive a car, it can take some practice to get used to driving a truck. Give yourself time to learn how the truck handles by practicing in parking lots and quiet roads. Since a truck drives so differently from a car, aptly maneuvering turns, mastering when to stop, and getting the hang of parking all take time.

Use Caution When Turning and Reversing

A truck’s size can make turning and reversing more difficult than with a car. Remember, you’ll need more space when turning in a truck. You’ll need to maintain a safe distance from the curb and make turns as wide as is safe to do so. A truck’s size also makes reversing a bit more difficult. Be careful of blind spots, go slowly, and use caution to watch for obstacles and pedestrians when reversing. The weight distribution in a truck means the back is lighter, so consider adding weight to the rear (such as sandbags), especially if you’ll be driving on slippery roads in snowy or icy conditions.

Keep Other Drivers in Mind

A truck’s larger size and heavier weight mean it can cause much more damage to smaller, lighter vehicles on the road. Keep in mind that most trucks don’t handle sharp or sudden movements well, so use caution and drive smoothly. Allow plenty of room between your truck and other vehicles when changing lanes. If you’re worried about blind spots, consider installing tow mirrors to help improve your range of sight when changing lanes, turning, or reversing.

No matter what type of car you’ve driven before, you can make the change to a truck. While switching from a car to a truck can be challenging, with time, practice, and conscientious driving, you can easily adjust and enjoy all the benefits a truck offers.

4 Vehicles That Will Keep You Comfortable in Dallas Traffic

Image via Flickr by RL GNZLZ

While Dallas has many wonderful traits, neither visitor nor citizen has ever gushed over sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the city’s highways. While the traffic can sometimes seem to go on forever, modern vehicles have enough comfort and entertainment built in to you keep you comfortable during touch-and-go traffic. We’ve listed our four favorite vehicles to keep you and your passengers as comfortable as possible — read on to discover our favorites!

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is a stylish compact vehicle that is not only affordable but also incredibly comfortable. It comes with all the touches that customers have come to expect from the Hyundai brand. Top-of-the-line infotainment means that riders can stream their favorite music or podcasts from their phones to the infotainment unit without fiddling with aux cables. Hands-free calling also makes it easy to keep your family or work up-to-date on how the traffic is flowing.

Tesla Model S

While in the pricier range, the Tesla Model S is a tribute to Tesla’s renowned car design. Sleek and modern on the outside, the Model S is spacious and comfortable on the inside with more than enough room to stretch out during long waits in traffic. Plus, the Model S gets a crazy 102 MPGe in the city and 105 MPGe on the highway, so you don’t need to worry about wasting your money.

The Model S also comes with tons of entertainment technology, like satellite radio and music streaming. Listen to podcasts while you wait out the traffic, and forget about breathing in smoggy traffic air: the Model S features a medical-grade HEPA air filtration system that removes close to 100 percent of exhaust fumes and other nasty chemicals from the air.

Subaru Forester

With an acoustic windshield to keep the traffic noises at bay and an upgraded, luxurious interior, the 2017 model of the Subaru Forester is an affordable and roomy vehicle that can make even the most frustrating traffic a little easier to bear. A loaded infotainment system comes with optional navigation, so you can see how far the traffic goes on while listening to your favorite tunes.

Nissan Titan XD

Nothing says Texas like a huge truck, and the Nissan Titan XD delivers on that front. Colossally large, the Titan XD is also remarkably comfortable. Quilted leather seats and a commanding view of the road ahead makes the truck feel more like a room on wheels than a vehicle. Plus, the beastly V8 engine makes the truck a joy to drive when the road does clear up.

The interior of the Titan XD is the true shining point of the car. Heated and cooled front seats make sitting in traffic, whether its freezing or sweltering out, a breeze. Hands-free texting means you can communicate with coworkers and friends without taking your eyes off the traffic, and its full suite of integrated apps includes music services so you can listen to your favorite satellite radio channel or stream music from your phone.

Traffic isn’t fun for anyone, but these vehicles can make dealing with frustrating commutes easier and more comfortable than ever.

5 Brewery Tours to Try in Dallas

deep ellum brewery in dallas, tx
Image via Flickr by crowt59

Dallas is rapidly growing a Texas-sized beer scene. Several quirky and distinctive breweries have started operations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in recent years. Forget the cold yellow suds; you’ll find a range of German, Belgian, and American-style brews. While we can’t list all the breweries here, below are five of the most creative and celebrated operations.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co., 2823 St. Louis St., has been a funky and dirty wing of east Dallas since Robert Johnson and Huddie Ledbetter lurked the jazz and blues clubs there in the 1920s. Deep Ellum adds top-quality brews to that wild history. The taproom is open daily from 3 to 10 p.m., and tours are at 1 and 2 p.m. on Saturday. Pay $12 online or $15 in person and get a logo pint glass and three samples.

In addition to a range of live music, you can also get a straight-razor shave from the DEBC barber.

Peticolas Brewing Co.

Michael Peticolas quit his legal job to make beer instead, giving Dallas one less lawyer and (more…)

The Top 3 Dallas Diners

cars at a dallas diner
Image via Flickr by vannpiazza

Dallas is an exciting and loveable city all on its own, but one cannot truly get the taste of a city without getting a taste of the great local food it has to offer. Texas is known for its great food, and Dallas epitomizes that good ol’ Texan cuisine. With so many options from which to choose, though, we thought we’d narrow your choices down by giving you the three top diners in Dallas. Enjoy!

Ellen’s Southern Kitchen

Everyone needs a great breakfast to start their day off right, and you just can’t beat the breakfast at Ellen’s Southern Kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a classic eggs and bacon breakfast, or you’re feeling adventurous enough to try a pancake bigger than your head, Ellen’s will satisfy your (more…)

4 Best Classic Car Events

They don’t make ’em like they used to. Outside of a few gorgeous, glorious models like the classic 1960s muscle cars, we never seem to appreciate the great car designs we have while they’re popular, and only after 30

iola old car show
Image via Flickr by recubejim

years pass and all the good cars go away do we realize what we had.

Fortunately, there are plenty of classic car enthusiasts out there who love to spend their spare time and money preserving, modifying, and restoring vehicles unappreciated in their time. They then go around showing off their vehicles at car shows around the nation, and if you want to see the best that American car lovers have to offer, here are the car shows you should visit.

The Texas Hoedown

The Texas Hoedown takes place in Hempstead just outside of Houston and specializes in customized hot rods and drag racers built out of cars and motorcycles from the pre-Oil Crisis period. You’ll find (more…)

Making the Emotional Connection: Car Buying in Dallas

bumper sticker on a truck
Image via Flickr by Paul Kellernal

Car buying is about far more than finding a functional vehicle with the right price tag. Americans form strong emotional connections with their vehicles. Your personal feelings play a big role in the car buying process. Recognizing how your car can tug on your heartstrings may help you identify some important insights about this purchase.

What Your Car Says About You

Most people see their car as an extension of their own personality. Different cars send different messages about who you are, and you want a vehicle that feels like it just screams “you.” The message that’s most important varies dramatically from one shopper to the next. Status driven car buyers will gravitate toward luxury vehicles, while those who are budget-minded will take great pride in a low-cost find. A truck packed (more…)

Safety Rundown: Headlights

Car Headlights
Image via Flickr by n0hav0cyet94

You know how important your headlights are when you’re driving at night. Even on well-lit roads, those comforting beams extending from the front of your car help keep you safe. They make you visible to other cars as well as increase your ability to see in front of you in the dark. That’s why checking your headlights is such an important part of car maintenance.

Check the Glow

How many times have you started driving at night and taken for granted that everything is A-OK with your headlights? How about your turn signals? You should regularly leave your car in park, turn on your headlights, and get out of the car to look at them. Try your brights while you’re at it, too (more…)

Making Videos Work for Your Dallas Dealership

audio video equipment
Image via Flickr by IntelFreePress

Marketing your dealership is a challenging task, especially in the highly competitive Dallas car market. Today’s car marketers need to be attuned to the changing ways consumers are buying their cars. Twenty or 30 years ago, consumers made several trips to the dealership, usually visiting more than one dealer, before making a purchase decision.

Today, however, the average buyer visits a dealership just twice before pulling the trigger on a new car. What’s changed? Shoppers are doing their research digitally, and according to J.D. Power, the number of consumers who use an auto-related app or visit a dealer website on their mobile device before buying a car is growing an astonishing 73 percent year over year.

And video is one of the most popular types of content they are accessing. In fact, according to research by Google, 69 percent of consumers who viewed a video during the car buying process were (more…)

Why Visits to the Shop Cost So Much

under the hood of classic car
Image via Flickr by Ed Bierman

Many people feel blindsided when they receive their car repair bills. Parts and labor are expensive because you’re paying for quality equipment and experts in the field, instead of trying to do it yourself in the driveway.

Parts Mark Ups

When many people look at their repair bills, they notice that the parts listed are very expensive. Sometimes googling those parts turns up results that are much cheaper. Mechanics mark prices up usually about 30 percent more than what they paid, but sometimes as little as 20 or as much as 50 percent. Yes, the parts that (more…)

Get Cultured in Dallas This March

Samurai Helmet
Image via Flickr by williamcho

The Big D is a city well-known for its wealth of jobs, great sports scene, and exciting night life. Often, these aspects cause Dallas’s cultural scene to go overlooked. However, there are many events to catch a bit of art, music, or food, especially once the weather gets perfect. This March, catch a few of these events to scratch your cultural itch.

Anne Frank: A History For Today at the Dallas Holocaust Museum

Although Anne Frank’s diary ranks as one of the top-selling books ever and gives a tremendous insight into the plights of Jews during World War II, it’s difficult to translate it into today’s day and age. However, at 9:30 a.m. or 11 a.m. throughout select dates in March, you can explore beyond the pages of Frank’s diary. This is thanks to a talk from Hilary Stipleman, the Director of Outreach and Exhibitions for Anne Frank Center. Prices are $8 to $10, depending on (more…)