Plan a Day Trip: 6 Family-Friendly Activities You Can Drive to in Dallas

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The urban and cultural mecca of Dallas is full of sights and attractions. If you’ve got a car and are traveling with family, Dallas has a number of great spots worth visiting. There’s something for everyone, whether your family is full of nature aficionados, science experts, or thrill-seekers.

Six Flags Over Texas

Located about a 15-minute drive from Dallas, Six Flags Over Texas was the original Six Flags park built in the U.S. Featuring thrill rides, shows, events, and other attractions, Six Flags provides entertainment suitable for the whole family. Teens and adults will love going on the roller coasters, while kids will love the long list of (more…)

6 Surprising Benefits of Your Car’s Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology has come a long way. Originally used as a way of making a smartphone hands-free, Bluetooth technology has become so popular it is included as a standard in most devices, including your car. But, if you only use Bluetooth to make talking on the phone while you drive easier and safer, you are missing out on some of the biggest benefits of having Bluetooth.

Here are six surprising benefits of Bluetooth technology in cars you may not be aware of:

Audio Streaming

Used Cars | Dallas, TX | Texas Motorcars

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One of the best features of having Bluetooth technology in your car is the ability to stream audio. Just download your favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks on to your phone and hit the road. You can use Bluetooth to listen while you drive. Just imagine (more…)

There’s an App For That: The Top 5 Most Useful Car Apps Available


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It happens to everyone. You’re in an unfamiliar area, and your low fuel light activates. Or, you are distracted when parking in a large parking lot, and now you can’t remember where you parked your car. No worries, there’s an app for that.

Here are five of the best car apps available. Some are useful, and some are just fun.

Witness Driving

This car app can protect you and entertain you. Witness Driving is available through the App Store and Google Play for 99 cents. Using a dash mount for your phone, it works as a dash cam. Not only can it record while you drive, (more…)

Take a Drive Through One of These 5 Unique, Texas Towns

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Texas residents don’t have to leave the state to find interesting and unique vacation spots; the state is packed with often overlooked gems perfect for a weekend getaway or day of exploration. If you’re looking for a town worthy of a drive, check out these five charming Texas towns.


This sleepy little town sits at the edge of Palo Duro Canyon. At 120 miles long, it’s second (more…)

Foreign vs. Domestic: How to Know Which Car is Right For You

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Most of us can recognize a car’s brand name as “foreign” or “domestic,” but beyond that, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two labels. Here’s some background information that can help you see whether a foreign or American brand is right for you.

Foreign Brands Are More American Than You Think

Many car models labeled “foreign” by their brand name alone are actually manufactured in America using more than 75 percent American parts, which makes them more American than most American brands. You can check which cars qualify as American-made on’s American-Made Index. Toyota and Honda both have plenty of models on this list, (more…)

5 Upcoming Festivals in Dallas Worth the Drive

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Everything is big in Texas, and Dallas festivals are no exception. Dallas has some of the best festivals for all interests. Whether you like art, music, or big ferris wheels, take a drive to Dallas to experience some of the best festivals in the country.

Here are five Dallas festivals you won’t want to miss.

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Springtime offers eight weeks of festivities in a 16th century English Village. Visitors travel from all over to experience this one-of-a-kind festival enjoyed by all ages. Expect to see guests dressed in costume along with the costumed actors. The festival has over 200 performances each day. Watch jousting and knighting ceremonies, eat a turkey leg, and enjoy artisan demos, such as glass-blowing, all on the festival grounds in Waxahachie, (more…)

Made in America: 5 of the Coolest Cars Created Stateside

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According to’s American-Made Index, the number of truly American-made cars has been steadily declining over the years. In order to qualify for the index, there are a few requirements: the U.S. must be the car’s manufacturing location, each car must have at least 75% U.S. parts, and each car must have a successor on the market for the following year.

These requirements were almost too much for 2014’s lineup of cars. Only ten cars even met the minimum qualifications, compared to 30 just three model years ago. Here are some top cars that made the list or barely missed out.

5. Dodge Avenger: Made in Sterling Heights, Michigan

The Dodge Avenger sedan was third on 2013’s American-Made Index, but missed out (more…)

Put Your Driving Skills to the Test on These 4 Texas Racetracks

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If you’re a speed demon in need of a fix, a few spins around the racetrack often does the trick. For amateur racers in Texas, there are plenty of opportunities to perfect your driving skills and pit them against other racing enthusiasts. If you have the need for speed, check out these four awesome Texas racetracks that open their gates to the public from time to time.

Motorsport Ranch

Located in Cresson, just a few miles from the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex, the Motorsport Ranch offers 1.7-mile and 1.3-mile road racing tracks for practice, races, and special events. Membership in the ranch is required, but the facility is available to outside clubs for race events on a limited basis. Race cars, sports cars, and motorcycles are all allowed on the tracks, and a current racing license, as (more…)

3 Things to Know About the First Self-Cleaning Car

Self Cleansing Cars

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If you’d rather get a root canal than wash your car, help is on the way. Forward-thinking engineers at the UK-based Nissan Technical Centre have developed a revolutionary new paint coating, dubbed Ultra-Ever Dry, designed to make car washing a thing of the past. The time has come to put away the sponge and chamois and let technology do the dirty work.

How Does It Work?

Hydrophobic (water repelling) and oleophobic (grease repelling) coatings have been on the market for many years. Rust-Oleum, for example, sell a spray-on coating called NeverWet that sheds moisture, and Apple began applying oleophobic coatings to iPhone screens with the introduction of the 3GS. But Nissan’s “nano-paint” technology is something new.

Engineers at Nissan explain the coating this way: Imagine millions of tiny umbrellas pressed side-by-side on your car’s paint job. Water, sleet, even mud roll right off the umbrellas without ever touching the surface of the vehicle. Dirt and debris don’t stick. The coating has a matte finish and unusual tactile sensation, similar to a cat’s tongue.  (more…)

5 Stunning Drives That Cruise Through North Texas

Stunning drives through North Texas

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Most people associate driving through North Texas as driving in the Dallas metropolitan area. However, what they don’t realize is that North Texas is much more than the cityscapes. In fact, there are several scenic drives in North Texas that are nowhere near the image that most people share. The following is a list of seven stunning drives that cruise through North Texas:

The Bluebonnet Trail

Imagine driving for miles and miles and seeing fields covered with bluebonnet flowers. Miles of bluebonnet fields is exactly what you can see less than 30 minutes from Dallas on either I-45 South or bordering country roads. During the month of April, during the Bluebonnet Trails Festival, bluebonnets are additionally seen starting in Dallas and working south all the way to the Bluebonnet Trail.

Granbury Historic Square

Not all scenic drives are rural. The drive to Granbury Historic Square is perfect for the history buff. Just 38 miles from Fort Worth, visitors find a drive full of historic markers, and landmarks with that transport them back to the wild west. Stop in town and have a fantastic lunch at one of the great restaurants or watch one of the popular gun battles reenacted.  (more…)