The short answer is yes, but it does depend on a number of factors. You can expect accelerated wear on your tires during times of excessive heat. The summer heat bundled with bad road conditions, low tire pressure, reckless driving, and poor maintenance of tires can create additional and more substantial damage to your tires than seasons with cooler temperatures.

Did you know that your tire pressure increases by 1 PSI for every 10 degrees the temperature increases? Your tire pressure can rise dramatically within just a few minutes of driving on a hot day. This is due to friction between the road and your tires, and it is exacerbated with excessive heat.

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Conversely to high pressure causing damage, underinflated tires not only decrease your gas mileage, they can also cause your tires to get even hotter due to added friction. This then speeds up the wear on your tires and may ultimately lead to a blow-out. It is important to regularly check and adjust your tire pressure to meet manufacturer specifications.

Overloading your car above tire manufacturer specifications can have disastrous effects on your tires. An overloaded car, together with all the potential damage a hot summer day can do to your tires, excessively wears your tires and is potentially dangerous. To protect your tires from this damage, it is advisable to hire a trailer or a moving truck to adequately handle your load requirements.

Another major issue for tires caused by summer heat is something called dry-rot, or side wall cracking. Dry-rot occurs when, due to excessive heat, the oil on your tire evaporates, leaving the tire dry and prone to cracking. This cracking weakens the tire and can lead to unexpected blow outs.

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Parking your car in the shade during extremely hot summer days will not only keep the interior cool, it will also help prevent damage to your tires. A car that sits in the sun all day would be more prone to issues such as dry rot.

Very hot days not only affect your tires, they can also damage roads. Heat can soften tar and make the road more susceptible to developing potholes. When you drive over a pothole it causes your tire to pinch, which may result in the weakening of your tire, punctures, and in extreme circumstances, blow-outs.

Reckless driving such as braking hard and frequently, as well as hard cornering – especially on a hot summer day – can result in additional damage being done to your tires. Having a blow out as you are braking or taking a corner can be extremely dangerous to you and other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

Ultimately you can mitigate the damage caused by hot summer days with responsible driving and maintenance. It is important to maintain your tires throughout their life – rotate and inspect them frequently, and always check the tire pressure when filling up your gas tank. If it’s a hot day, try to use public transport such as buses or trains to protect you and your tires.

Can Summer Heat Damage My Tires?

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