A crossover vehicle may not fit your definition of a muscle car, but the Audi SQ5 will change your mind with style, power, and luxury all in one. Check out some of the many characteristics and capabilities that cause this upscale vehicle to capture attention and headlines, and see how it’s the perfect vehicle for Dallas drivers.

Looks Are Deceiving

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The S in the vehicle’s model designates it as the high-performance version of this crossover vehicle from Audi. It doesn’t look much different from the less-expensive cars in the line, so take a long, close look to spot what makes it stand out.

After driving the car, you’ll have no trouble understanding the attributes that set it apart. Under the hood, there’s a single-turbo, 3-liter engine offering 354 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. As a result, the SQ5 shoots from zero to 60 mph in just over five seconds. If you have friends visiting in Dallas, letting them ride in this capable car will undoubtedly impress them with your ride, as well as the city’s attractions.

Technology to Help You Tackle Every Drive

Whether you’re traveling down nearly empty roads or dealing with heavy highway traffic in Dallas, the SQ5 has features to help you remain confident behind the wheel. The all-wheel drive feature provides dynamic handling by actively distributing torque to the rear of the car for improved stability, especially while driving through corners.

Advanced technology is found among the safety features as well, for instance, its forward collision warning system warns you of possible collisions and will help you stop the car to avoid a crash. You can view information like your speed and the next turn you need to make on the windshield and keep your eyes on the road.

High-tech features in the car’s cabin, like the fully digital instrument cluster spanning over more than 12 inches and the smart phone interface with features for navigation, music, and hands-free calling allow you to customize information to make trips more convenient.

A Handsome and Spacious Addition to the Road

The Audi SQ5 offers elegance without being overbearing. With seating for five, it’s even a great option for a family vehicle — something that can’t be said for many sports cars. An impressive fuel economy for an SUV will keep the fill-up stops few and far between with a combined estimated 21 miles per gallon.

Plus, with the rear seats folded, you get 60.4 cubic feet of cargo space. If you’re in the mood to get back to nature and go camping at a place such as the Dallas/Arlington KOA Holiday Campground, fit all your gear in the back of the SQ5. Even with all the seats in use, the car gives you 26.8 cubic feet of space.

Whether you’re taking your canine to socialize at the NorthBark Dog Park or checking out the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, the Audi SQ5 gets you there in style. Schedule your test drive soon.

Get Raw Muscle in the Audi SQ5

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