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Marketing your dealership is a challenging task, especially in the highly competitive Dallas car market. Today’s car marketers need to be attuned to the changing ways consumers are buying their cars. Twenty or 30 years ago, consumers made several trips to the dealership, usually visiting more than one dealer, before making a purchase decision.

Today, however, the average buyer visits a dealership just twice before pulling the trigger on a new car. What’s changed? Shoppers are doing their research digitally, and according to J.D. Power, the number of consumers who use an auto-related app or visit a dealer website on their mobile device before buying a car is growing an astonishing 73 percent year over year.

And video is one of the most popular types of content they are accessing. In fact, according to research by Google, 69 percent of consumers who viewed a video during the car buying process were influenced by it, far more than by TV, newspapers, or magazines.

If you’re wondering how to bring the benefits of video to your dealership, read these tips to get started.

Master the Main Types of Videos

Car shoppers want to know everything about the vehicles they are considering before they visit the dealership: Interior features, exterior features, safety ratings—even if it’s fun to drive. Three types of video content is very popular at this stage of the process:

  • overview/walk-through of the vehicle’s interior and exterior
  • highlights of unique or desirable features in a particular make and model
  • virtual test drives

The number of videos viewed and number of minutes spent on video nearly doubled last year compared to prior year. Marketing pros suggest producing a one two-to-five-minute video in at least one of the categories above for each vehicle in your inventory.

Know Your Video SEO

Multimedia assets improve your search rankings; it signals to the Google algorithms that your site has quality content. To capitalize on video in your SEO efforts, consider the types of keywords and questions—the user intent—your video content satisfies.

Queries including keywords such as “trunk space,” “panoramic sunroof,” and “towing capacity” are on the rise, up over 30 percent from the previous year. Do your keyword research and include relevant features in your descriptions.

Pro tip: Don’t host your videos yourself, put them on your YouTube channel and embed them on your site. Fair or not, Google prioritizes videos on YouTube, which it owns, in search rankings.

Video Best Practices

For best results from your video efforts, stick to the following “rules:”

  • Keep them short (five minutes max).
  • Promote your videos on all your social channels to increase social signaling and authority.
  • Include a transcribed script; this will help search engine crawlers rank your content for relevance.
  • Embed your videos, don’t link to your YouTube or Vimeo channels—you’re just driving traffic to their site. Videos embedded on your domain have the best SEO boost.

Video is the most popular form of digital content, and as a car dealership, you have a distinct advantage: You have a product customers in Dallas actually want to see. Get a leg up on your competition and start marketing with video today.

Making Videos Work for Your Dallas Dealership

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