Making Videos Work for Your Dallas Dealership

audio video equipment
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Marketing your dealership is a challenging task, especially in the highly competitive Dallas car market. Today’s car marketers need to be attuned to the changing ways consumers are buying their cars. Twenty or 30 years ago, consumers made several trips to the dealership, usually visiting more than one dealer, before making a purchase decision.

Today, however, the average buyer visits a dealership just twice before pulling the trigger on a new car. What’s changed? Shoppers are doing their research digitally, and according to J.D. Power, the number of consumers who use an auto-related app or visit a dealer website on their mobile device before buying a car is growing an astonishing 73 percent year over year.

And video is one of the most popular types of content they are accessing. In fact, according to research by Google, 69 percent of consumers who viewed a video during the car buying process were (more…)

Why Visits to the Shop Cost So Much

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Many people feel blindsided when they receive their car repair bills. Parts and labor are expensive because you’re paying for quality equipment and experts in the field, instead of trying to do it yourself in the driveway.

Parts Mark Ups

When many people look at their repair bills, they notice that the parts listed are very expensive. Sometimes googling those parts turns up results that are much cheaper. Mechanics mark prices up usually about 30 percent more than what they paid, but sometimes as little as 20 or as much as 50 percent. Yes, the parts that (more…)

Get Cultured in Dallas This March

Samurai Helmet
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The Big D is a city well-known for its wealth of jobs, great sports scene, and exciting night life. Often, these aspects cause Dallas’s cultural scene to go overlooked. However, there are many events to catch a bit of art, music, or food, especially once the weather gets perfect. This March, catch a few of these events to scratch your cultural itch.

Anne Frank: A History For Today at the Dallas Holocaust Museum

Although Anne Frank’s diary ranks as one of the top-selling books ever and gives a tremendous insight into the plights of Jews during World War II, it’s difficult to translate it into today’s day and age. However, at 9:30 a.m. or 11 a.m. throughout select dates in March, you can explore beyond the pages of Frank’s diary. This is thanks to a talk from Hilary Stipleman, the Director of Outreach and Exhibitions for Anne Frank Center. Prices are $8 to $10, depending on (more…)

Top 5 Retro Cars to Drive

Triumph TR6
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Do you ever get excited when you spot a classic car on the road? It’s a great feeling for some people, seeing a piece of “living” history still in use after several decades have passed, especially spotting a car that predates lifetime. There are so many great vehicles to choose from in the retro category that it’s hard to cover them all.

Here’s a list of some fun classic rides you can find today without breaking the bank.

Triumph TR6

These classic British sports cars are beautifully designed and powerful. Produced in 1968 until 1976, they featured 2.5-liter, inline six-cylinder engines that produced 250 horsepower paired with a four-speed manual transmission. The TR6 stands out from other Triumph models in that it was restyled from earlier TR series designs by German firm Karmann. You can find a low-mileage early year model for as little as (more…)

5 of the Best Car Audio Businesses in Dallas

Speaker Texas Motorcars
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A good sound system is essential for many Dallas drivers, and that often means upgrading your vehicle’s current audio equipment to get exactly what you want. Knowing where to go to get the speakers and subwoofers you want, and who will do the installation justice, is important. Figuring out where to find great custom installation is even more important. If you want some good audio work done, these five Dallas businesses are worth a look. (more…)

Finding Your Favorite Mechanic

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Unfortunately for all the honest mechanics out there, repair shops have a bit of a bad reputation for ripping people off. However, anyone who’s had a great reputation with a mechanic knows that great mechanics are out there everywhere. You just have to know how to find them. By doing the right kind of research and vetting the shops before you commit to one, you’ll be well on your way to finding your new favorite mechanic. (more…)

How to Safely Handle Driving in Sleet

Sleet Texas Motorcars
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The same sparkling winter vistas that look so charming through your living room window can be life-threatening when you’re on the road. Many of the greatest hazards when it comes to winter driving are difficult to detect and even harder to correct for. The key to winter safety is always vigilance. Familiarize yourself with the unique challenges of sleet on the roads and drive with caution any time you suspect ice.

Understand What Sleet Is

Sleet is similar to freezing rain, with one key difference. (more…)

5 Tips for Painting Your Own Vehicle

paint job viper
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Whether you just need to touch up a section, or if you want to completely change the color of your vehicle, painting your own vehicle is a cost-effective way to carry out these goals. While it may be a challenge, painting your own car can also be very rewarding using these five tips.


Depending on the size of your car, you will need about one gallon of your primer, three gallons of the paint, and two or (more…)

How to Finally Eliminate Those Blind Spots

Sideview Mirror Texas Motorcars
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Many accidents could be easily avoided if people remembered to check their blind spot while driving. Then again, eliminating your blind spots altogether is an even better way to fend off accidents. Simple adjustments to your mirrors can impact your safety in a big way.

Adjust Your Rearview Mirror

Your rearview mirror should be completely straight and give you a direct view out of your rear windshield. Some people are tempted to tilt the rearview mirror to (more…)