Clutch If you are one of those people who only chose to drive a manual transmission, you might have asked yourself, what are some of the warning signs that my clutch is going out? The wear and tear of your clutch ultimately depends on what type of driving style and environment you are subjecting yourself to. Clutches are known to withstand anywhere from around 20,000 to 150,000 miles. We have asked the leading experts for indications of a bad clutch and the following signs is what we found:

Soft Clutch 

A soft or spongy clutch is a great indicator that your clutch is malfunctioning. If you are questioning it, drive your car in a short radius and away from any traffic such as around your neighborhood and get a better feel as to how your clutch feels, how far you have to let the clutch out before the gears catch, etc. If you are needing to let your clutch out most of the way, that is a strong sign of a worn out clutch.

Burning Smell 

Whenever you smell a burning smell, this is a sure sign that your clutch is failing in some way. The smell is an indicator of friction from the clutch slipping.

Trouble Shifting 

If your car does not smoothly engage when you shift gears, but rather it shakes, then this is an indication of a bad clutch. The most common problem areas for this are in first gear and reverse.

Visible Damage to your Clutch 

If your clutch is going out on you, you might notice visible physical damage to it.

If you notice any of these signs, this could mean that your clutch is going out. Make sure to get your car in for a full inspection of your clutch by an auto mechanic.

How to Tell your Clutch is Going Out

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